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DJD Rear SS Hub

DJD Rear SS Hub

Normál ár €185,00 EUR
Normál ár Akciós ár €185,00 EUR
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If dirt jumping is your thing, then so is our DJD Rear SS Hub.

After years of the highest profile testing from our world famous dirt jump team, our current range of DJ hubs are our best yet.

Huge strength to weight ratios sets our DJ series apart from the crowd.

The DJD hub is built around a bushed driver which reduces weight and improves durability over cartridge bearings especially when using compact sprocket sizes.

Featuring a 3 pawl, 30 point engagement mechanism the DJD Rear SS hub is built to last without a high price tag.

Wide spoke flanges helps the DJD Rear SS hub build into uncompromisingly stiff wheel, whilst sealed main hub bearings help ensure longevity. At the core of the hub is a  lightweight but strong hollow alloy axle, with a 6mm central hex to remove bolt in fixings without the axle spinning.

Heat treated M10 Cr-Mo steel bolts come included, as well as 14mm adaptors allowing this hub to work with 135 x 10/14mm dropouts.

Our rear DJ hubs no longer come with a sprocket included, so please choose an additional 'DJD Supadrive and Bushdrive Sprocket' to suit your bike.

Aftermarket Options

  • 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 16 tooth DJD Supadrive and Bushdrive Sprocket
  • Titanium upgrade M10 bolts
  • Axle kit available to resize to 135mm x 12mm thru-axle


  • MaterialForged & CNC finished aluminium
  • Drillings32h or 36H
  • Spacing135mm
  • Disc Mount6 bolt
  • Bearings6902 cartridge bearings
  • DimensionsC-L 34mm, C-R 35mm, flange 58mm
  • Model RefDJDBD
  • 436g
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